Sport at SHS

The school conducts its sports program each Thursday afternoon and students are given the choice of a wide range of both grade and recreational sports. Year 7 participate in a variety of different structured activities until the summer sport season starts in late August of each year.

New sports are continually being introduced into the program to replace sports which have become less popular. Students are encouraged to suggest new sports which they would like to see introduced into the program. Unfortunately some limited facilities mean that all students are not able to be given their first sport choice but every endeavour is made to please all of our students. Students select their choices for winter and summer sports on line.  Currently the following sports are available for selection to Sylvania High students:Sportv2_2105



Senior Netball

Junior Netball

Senior Oztag

Junior Oztag

Senior Soccer

Junior Soccer

Senior Basketball

Junior Basketball

Junior 2 Handed Rugby League

Senior Soccer

Junior Soccer

Online Sport Selections

Sylvania High was one of the first high schools in the state to select sport using an online facility.

Please consider your choice carefully as sports will be allocated using your priorities and on a suitability basis.