School Fees

The School Finance Committee is comprised of parents, students, and staff.  They are responsible for overseeing the preparation of the annual budget, monitoring income and expenditure throughout the year and approving the annual financial statement.  The Finance Committee has set the following School Contributions:

The General Contribution provides essential funds for the purchase of text books, resources and materials to support the education of all our students, particularly in subjects that do not use consumable items such as English, Mathematics, Science, HSIE and PDHPE.  All parents should make this contribution if we are to provide the best education for our children.

Subjects fees are essential. They cover the purchase of consumable materials in subjects like Visual Arts, Languages, Technology and Applied Science and Performing Arts. These are subjects that students may elect to study.


Receipts are issued for all contributions paid and we accept cash, personal cheques or credit cards (Bankcard, Mastercard and Visa).  There is an online facility for payment. Click the link in the top menu to make a payment. You may also pay all fees in instalments if you prefer.

Any families experiencing difficulty in making payment should contact the Principal to discuss the available options.  These may include instalment payments, support or exemptions. All such arrangements must be in writing and can be sent to the school’s email address:

marked, ‘Confidential- For the Attention of The Principal Only ‘

Your contribution plays a vital part in supporting your child’s education.  Collective community responsibility ensures that the school of your choice continues to fulfil your expectations.

Thank you for this valuable support for the programs we offer at Sylvania High School.

P & C School Building Fund Contribution

The Sylvania High School P&C Association provides valuable support to the school community through the provision of teaching resources and the contributions to the maintenance and construction of school buildings.

A key P&C objective is to further develop and maintain school capital infrastructure. Your contribution to the P&C School Building Fund  will enable the P&C to achieve this objective. A receipt will be issued for your tax-deductible donation.