Visual Arts

Visual Arts is taught at Sylvania High school as a compulsory subject in Stage 4 and is offered as an elective in Stages 5 and 6. It is a high profile subject, with students producing outstanding artworks at all levels, culminating in artworks being selected for the HSC Art Express exhibition, the highest level of achievement in NSW. The vocational opportunities for graduates in this field are many and varied, and include graphic design, interior design, architecture, advertising, theatrical design, television, museum studies, curating, art historical studies and writing, and professional arts practice.



In Years 7 and 8 students are introduced to a range of different media, including drawing, graphic design, painting, relief printing and sculpture. Students are taught to become proficient in the processes relating to these media. This involves the identification and safe use of tools and equipment required for the successful production of artworks. We also explore the history and ideas which support arts practice from a variety of styles, cultures and historical periods. Students also learn to analyse and write about artworks using the Conceptual Framework.

In the Year 9 and 10 elective students extend their skills in drawing, painting, intaglio printmaking, graphics and sculpture. We also study art movements from different eras, and cultural differences in arts practice. Students make in-depth analyses of selected works in self-guided projects, and also produce major artworks of their own.

The Year 11 Preliminary Course is a self-contain program of study. The Stage 5 Elective program is not a pre-requisite. In this course students investigate artists and artworks in greater depth applying the four analytical Frames in their writing and discussion. Artworks are developed in media relating to their academic studies.


This course is a preparation for the HSC Course in Year 12, in which students propose and make artworks suiting their own capacities, and also broaden their research base to enable successful completion of the written component of the program.