The Mathematics Faculty at Sylvania High School is a dynamic faculty which aims to foster the intellectual mathematical development of all students. It strives to do so by developing students’ mathematical thinking, competence, understanding, problem solving ability and application of the subject in everyday situations.

Teachers cater to individual’s strengths and interests and designates students into classes best suited to their needs. Parental feedback is always welcomed and valued to achieve the best possible learning and social experience for their child.

New technologies are embraced within the mathematical courses and this strengthens curriculum perspectives such as Literacy, Creative Thinking, Aboriginal Education, Environmental Education and Vocational Education.

Talented students are actively encouraged to undertake the harder curriculum options and to participate in competitions such as the Australian Mathematics Competition. They are extended with enrichment material, group work, class discussions and explore mathematical concepts in the real world with research work.

In Mathematics it is usual that homework is given every night to reinforce the mathematical concepts covered in class. Students are also encouraged to attempt challenging mathematical problems from a variety of sources where their skills across a number of subjects may be involved. Teachers in the Mathematics Faculty are enthusiastic about working with students on these challenges.

In Year 7-10, it is compulsory for all students to study Mathematics. In Years 11 and 12, Mathematics is optional, but the majority of senior students undertake a mathematics course for the HSC.