Language shapes our understanding of ourselves and our world, and is the primary means by which we relate to others. Skills, knowledge and understanding acquired in English are central to the learning and development of students. At Sylvania High School, all students are given the opportunity to achieve to their potential, preparing them well for their lives as successful global citizens.


The study of English at Sylvania High School gives students the opportunity to read critically, and respond imaginatively and analytically to a range of texts. Students study texts such as fiction, drama, poetry, film, multi-media and media.


They engage in the close reading of texts and wide reading of a range of different kinds of texts to develop creative and critical thinking skills.


Reading, writing, viewing, speaking, listening and representing are integrated in all Stage 4 and 5 programs. Differentiated and dynamic programs are devised to offer students a broad range of focuses that include: classic literature, multicultural texts, popular culture and genre - based studies through a range of learning experiences that may include practical, creative or group based activities. Our programs ensure students are well equipped with skills for the 21st century, by engaging in conceptual problem solving, analysis and evaluation and a range of ICT experiences.

In the senior school students are able to study English Standard, Advanced, English Studies (where numbers permit a class to be formed), Extension 1 and Extension 2.


English Standard Year 11


The Standard English course gives students the opportunity to explore the ways events, experiences, ideas and processes are represented in and through texts. Students analyse a variety of texts and develop their writing skills through analysis and responding to texts both critically and creatively.


English Advanced Year 11


The Advanced English course gives students the opportunity to explore the ways events, experiences, ideas, values and processes are represented in and through texts and analyse the ways in which texts reflect different attitudes and values. Shakespearean and classic texts are critically and creatively evaluated to allow students to develop their thinking and writing skills.


English Extension I Year 11


English Extension is designed for students undertaking English Advanced who choose to study at a more intensive level in diverse but specific areas. The study of Texts, Values and Culture allows Extension students to delve deeply into how texts represent ideas, values and contextual concerns.


English Standard Year 12 – HSC


In this course students reflect on and demonstrate the effectiveness of texts for different audiences and purposes. The course is designed for all students to increase their expertise in English and consolidate their English literacy skills. The students learn to respond to and compose a wide variety of texts in a range of situations in order to be effective, creative and confident communicators.


English Advanced Year 12 – HSC


Students analyse and evaluate texts and the ways they are valued in their contexts. This course is designed for students to undertake the challenge of higher-order thinking to enhance their personal, social, educational and vocational lives. These students apply critical and creative skills in their composition of and response to texts in order to develop their academic achievement through understanding the nature and function of complex texts.


English Extension I Year 12 – HSC


Students explore ideas of value and consider how cultural values and systems of valuation arise. They enjoy engaging with complex levels of conceptualisation and seek the opportunity to work in increasingly independent ways.


English Extension II Year 12 – HSC ( in year 12 only)


This course gives students the opportunity to develop an extended composition and document and reflect on this process. Students develop a Major Work through independent but guided investigation in a chosen area.


The teachers within the English faculty work hard to provide students with a range of extra-curricular activities. Students are encouraged to participate in debating and public speaking competitions.

In teaching our programs we endeavour to make the learning as relevant and connected to the students as possible. Through our Year  7 “Fairy Tales” Day we approach the teaching of content in a highly original and motivating way by utilising human movement, dress ups, video analysis, communication and inclusivity.​ Author workshops and performance poetry presentations are also part of authentic learning and provide students with real-life experiences of how and why we write and speak in a variety of forms.