How to Enrol

In area application

  • ‘In area’ enrolment is determined by residency in the local drawing area. Proof of residency is required using the Department of Education’s 100 point system (lease notice, rate notice and/or contract of sale or a sub-leasing agreement in the name of the applicant’s parent or legal guardian). Proof of legal guardianship may also be required to confirm residential status.
  • An enrolment buffer is maintained each year to accommodate local applicants who move into the area during the year. While this is a Department of Education requirement, there is no  guarantee that the buffer will not  be fully exhausted in any one year. This may cause temporary challenges to local enrolment applicants.
  • Where no vacancies exist for an ‘in area’ student moving into the local area, the Principal will liaise with the Director Educational Leadership to find a place for the student at another local school until a vacancy becomes available. A position at Sylvania High School will be offered as soon as it becomes available, and will be a priority offer.
  • Where more than one student is waiting for an ‘in area’ offer, offers will be made as soon as a position becomes available and in order of the student’s date of application.
  • Where a student moves in area and applies for enrolment, the student’s previous school will be contacted to ensure that there is no history of violent behaviour at the previous school.
  • Where a student is enrolling with a history of violent behaviour, the enrolment will not be finalised until a full risk assessment has been undertaken and strategies to support the student are in place.

Out of area application

Where vacancies exist in a given year, the number of positions available to out of area applications will be determined by the Selection Committee, based on a clear set of criteria. There is no implied order established by this listing of criteria. A broad approach, based on the individual application, will form the basis of selection.

Selection Criteria:

  1. Demonstrated commitment to learning and achieving personal best.
  2. Demonstrated special interests and commitment to extra curricular areas including sport, visual arts, band, music, drama, dance, technology, debating or public speaking for which the school can cater.
  3. Demonstrated leadership, social skills and tolerance displayed in their primary school years
  4. Explanation of how the school will be able to meet the needs of the student in a way that the local school cannot
  5. Establishing the convenience of travel and ease of access to the school.

The Selection Committee considers each out of area application on the information supplied. This process is competitive as the school has a limited number of places for out of area applications. Therefore, out of area applications need to provide sufficient information to adequately address as many of the selection criteria as possible to be successful.

Consideration may also be given to:

  • Students with a physical disability (providing that the school can meet the specific needs of the student).
  • Students who currently have a sibling in the school and who, generally, live relatively close to the school.
  • Students who nominate Sylvania High School as their first choice in the official primary school application form
  • Overseas fee paying students approved by the Department of Education’s  International Student Centre.
  • Students who have demonstrated the capacity to support the ethos and culture of the school, as determined by the Selection Committee.