Drama Ensembles

Drama Ensembles have the opportunity to perform and engage in at a range of events throughout the year including Performing Arts Showcase matinees and evenings, SHS Open Night, Drama Play Days, practical workshops involving a breadth of skills  and Performing Arts Festivals within Sydney.

Drama students have the opportunity to experience the following:

* Excursions and incursions involving professional productions and theatre companies

*  Auditions for NSW state Drama Ensembles and Companies

* Drama workshops with experienced teachers, actors and theatre practitioners

* Tours of performances to local senior centres and primary schools

* Participation in competitions such as ‘Speak for the Planet’ and ‘Film By…’

* Training and experience in technical and backstage production and design elements including costume, set, sound, lighting and promotion.


Extra-Curricular Drama has a fee of $100 per year which goes towards purchasing of props, costume and set design components as well as competition fees and guest tutor payments. Students are encouraged to see Mrs Kendrick in the Performing Arts department should they wish to become involved in this activity at Sylvania High School.