Core Values

Sylvania High School Core Values

At Sylvania High School we believe a positive attitude, determination and perseverance are the foundations for future success and we base this success on two core values: Respect and Responsibility. These core beliefs have been a documented part of our school culture for several years and were developed through student, staff and community consultation.


Respect is shown in the many ways students relate to their peers, the staff, members of the community and their families. This value allows our students to show care, tolerance and compassion by acknowledging and accepting the differences and similarities in others.


Responsibility is a value that some students find more difficult to accept. The skills required to be responsible for the decisions we make, and their consequences, are important in any society. Students at Sylvania High School have many opportunities to develop these skills through classroom application, leadership programs, and in community and service learning.

Our welfare programs have been built around these three core values and all students and staff are encouraged to think about the impact of their actions in these three areas on a daily basis whether in classrooms, the playground, travelling to and from school, or in the wider community. We believe that if students leave our school with a real understanding of these values, they will be successful 21st century learners and be able to contribute as citizens to building a better society.

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