Music and Band


The Music Co-curricular program at Sylvania High School offers all students vocal and instrumental opportunities. We have ensembles to cater for different styles and levels of abilities. Sylvania High School has an extensive instrumental program where students can play in one or more of the school’s music ensembles.


The program is managed by the Music Coordinator and specialist tutors are brought in to lead the music ensembles. The Music Performance Program is very active and has a variety of activities throughout the year. All instrumental students, regardless of where they learn, are encouraged to participate in the school’s many ensembles. These provide a wonderful opportunity for students to be part of school life, make friends and share their talents. Joining the vocal ensemble is a great way to become involved in the musical life of the school and no formal vocal tuition is required. 

Performance opportunities for students include performances at school, community functions and concerts.



Currently we have 4 bands – 1 senior, 2 middle and 1 junior band. They perform many styles including Latin, Jazz, Rock and Disco.

This percussion ensemble is for our students who wish to extend their percussion skills with performance opportunities.

This group combines vocal technique with singing and having fun. If you like Glee this is the group for you! Lots of singing from various genres with some harmonies.



Sylvania High School offers a large variety of music enrichment activities. These include tutors in piano, guitar, percussion and singing. Tutors are found for instruments including violin and saxophone. These lessons occur outside school hours. Please see the Music Coordinator if your child is interested in lessons on these or any other instrument.

Band practice with James Smithers from Caravanasun.