Career Education at Sylvania High School

Career Education at Sylvania High School is focused on encouraging students to develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary for them to be able to make informed decisions about school and post school education, training and employment options and to enable effective participation in various life opportunities and activities.

The Career Education program is embedded across all key learning areas with individual counseling, excursions and guest speakers.

There are a number of resources available for students (and parents). These include:

  • Careers Website: specifically for Sylvania High
  • Careers Newsletters: these are produced regularly and are available to students through Google classroom or via the Careers Website
  • My Career Match: students complete an online careers quiz which produces a career profile. This then helps them match their personality style with careers to which they could be suited (contact the Careers Adviser for the password)
  • Job Jump: access to information regarding all post school options (contact the Careers Adviser for login details)

Other useful websites include:

  • a website that can help you make careers decisions, plan your careers pathways and manage work transitions
  • for information on universities and courses in NSW and ACT and university application and admission procedures
  • for information on TAFE Courses and campuses
  •  a government website that has a number of jobs for school leavers under the heading “Australian Apprenticeships”