The Sylvania High School  Year 6 to 7 Transition Program ( CoSAW)

The Community of Schools across the Waters (CoSAW) is a group of schools who believe in common goals, shared leadership and exciting learning opportunities for the families and children in their area.  The schools focus on learning where students regularly show their knowledge and understanding about key concepts in science, maths, the environment, technology, the humanities and performing arts.

Links with our partner public schools ensures the successful transition of students from primary to secondary education.  Our school values reflect the high standards expected by our community and enable us to develop school leaders who go on to participate as active citizens in the community.

High School for A Day

Transition involves ‘High School for a Day’ where year 6 students experience, over the school year, the high school experience. This involves a variety of taster lessons in  Mathematics, English, Science, TAS, HSIE, Visual Arts, PDHPE and Dance. Year 6 students are escorted through periods by our Year 9 and 10 SRC students enjoying and understanding  the high school world. The taster lessons occur three times throughout the year and help our primary school students forge a strong connection to our school and gain a deeper understanding of high school life.

Enrichment Program

This program targets high potential, gifted and highly gifted Year 6 students to participate in a project centered around using high level skills especially in Maths, Science and English. The students are given opportunities to develop and refine their knowledge, talent and skills through the enrichment project.  Additionally throughout the year targeted year 6 students will be invited to participate in a variety of  workshops such as Performing Arts, PDHPE, Visual Arts and Technology  to also extend their skills in these areas.

The Enrichment project  days allow students to participate  in a variety of activities to develop their critical thinking and creative thinking skills.

This year the focus is Life on Mars and session 1 focused on molecular gastronomy where students analysed  space food concentrating on  why and how certain foods are made in order to be sustained in space.