Student Leadership

The Award is a leading structured (non-formal education) youth development program, empowering all young Australians aged 14-24 to explore their full potential and find their purpose, passion and place in the world, regardless of their location or circumstance. The Award is a fully inclusive program and has no social, political, or religious affiliations.
How is an Award Achieved?
To achieve an Award, each young person must learn a skill, improve their physical well being, volunteer in their community and experience a team adventure in a new environment. All Participants are supported by a network of adult  Award Leaders, Assessors and Supervisors. 
The key elements of our program are:
  • Open to all young people aged 14 to 24.
  • Three levels: Bronze, Silver, and Gold – each progressively more challenging.
  • Four Sections: Physical Recreations, Skills, Voluntary Service, Adventurous Journey.
  • Achieving an Award recognises individual goal setting and self-improvement through persistence and achievement.

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The Sylvania High School SRC team is a peer elected group which represents the students of Sylvania High School.  Our SRC provides authentic opportunities for students to develop and exercise their leadership skills within the school environment.

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Aims and Roles of the SRC

  • Provide a student perspective on school issues with school executive, school committees and the School Finance Committee.
  • Develop and promote leadership and responsibility.
  • Provide a link between teachers and students, and between the school and the wider community
  • To encourage the involvement of students in the school decision making process, when appropriate.
  • Fund raise for school projects and charities.
  • Provide a forum for students to raise issues and consider their ideas.
  • Represent Sylvania High School at official functions.
  • Represent Sylvania High School at community events and commemorations
  • Leading and chairing school assemblies and Year Group meetings.
  • The Sylvania High School SRC team is a peer elected group which represents the students of Sylvania High School.  Our SRC provides authentic opportunities for students to develop and exercise their leadership skills within the school environment.

Sylvania High School SRC Team

At Sylvania High School, the Student Representative Council team consists of student leaders from Years 7 to 12 who work cohesively to achieve community and school goals. We represent student perspectives and give all students a voice on important issues. By doing this we aim to provide a link between teachers and students and also provide a forum for students to express their opinions and concerns to better our school.


  • The SRC will be comprised of representatives from Years 7 – 12.
  • Students may be nominated by other students or teachers or may nominate themselves.
  • All nominations must be accompanied by a teacher recommendation.
  • The SRC may consist of the following:
  • School Captains (2) from Year 12
  • Vice Captains (2) from Year 12
  • Senior Leaders (Determined by the Captaincy selection panel- up to 8 in total) from Year 12
  • SRC leaders (10) from Year 11
  • SRC Reps (8) from Year 10
  • SRC Reps (6) from Year 9
  • SRC Reps (4) from Year 8
  • SRC Reps (4) from Year 7

The SRC at Sylvania High School are actively involved in and support the following:

  • ANZAC Day Dawn Service at Miranda RSL
  • Jeans for Genes Day
  • Sylvania High School Open Night
  • Sylvania High School Orientation Day
  • Elevate Leadership conference at Wollongong University
  • e-Smart program to promote the safe, smart and responsible use of technology
  • Young Women’s Leadership conference
  • Lions Youth of the Year Public Speaking Award
  • Movember
  • R U OK? Day
  • White Ribbon

White Ribbon

The White Ribbon Committee

Sylvania High School is committed to the support of the White Ribbon Foundation through the establishment of a sub-committee of the SRC and other interested students who work directly with the Principal to develop a program of events to promote the prevention of violence against women and girls.

The White Ribbon committee will continue its work with new members drawn from the SRC, the senior leadership team and other committed students. The school hopes to continue to foster inter-school relationships and has plans to continue in partnership with local high schools into the future. The committee plans to continue fostering the value of respect in the school through this context and will recognise White Ribbon Day in November of each year through activities that draw on the successes of the past and new initiatives that are currently being developed.

You can find out more about White Ribbon at:

Eco Rangers

Eco Rangers is an inspiring course which develops practical leadership skills in students through service learning and engages students in a wide variety of student led projects. Projects include working with local retirees, mulching waste and worm farming, expanding the school garden to include bush tucker plants and fund raising for Cambodian orphans. These projects help students become active, responsible future citizens. Practical learning approaches include fieldtrips, guest speakers and the opportunity to develop ICT skills.


Each year Sylvania High School enters a team in the NSW Mock Trial Competition. The Mock Trial Competition is conducted by the Law Society of NSW and is a practical means of introducing students to the law and to increase understanding of the basis of our judicial system. Over 150 schools compete annually.

The competition also helps students to enhance core skills such as listening, speaking, writing, reading and advocating, as well as team work and working under pressure. The goal is not to win for the sake of winning, but to learn and understand the meaning of good citizenship through participation in our system of law and justice. All who participate in the Mock Trial Competition are winners in this sense.
Sylvania High School now enters a Year 11 team in the competition each year, with a Year 10 “training” team waiting in the wings and learning from their senior peers.


Each team consists of 6 students who play the roles of barristers, solicitor, court officer and witnesses. In most cases the Law Society will assign a Coach to each team, who is a qualified barrister or solicitor. The Coach provides information about court procedures and advocacy techniques.

The Law Society also provides ‘the case’ for the mock trials. The cases mirror criminal and civil matters actually heard in the Local or District Court. A team may act as either the defence or prosecution during a trial, with each team member taking on the role of a barrister, solicitor, court officer or witness, pitting their skills against the opposing side – a team from another school.

Each trial is presided over by a Magistrate (a solicitor or barrister), who awards marks to each team based on a range of criteria, such as strength of opening addresses and closing submissions, understanding statutory provisions and the relevance of case law, and effective cross examination. The team with the highest mark wins the trial.​


The Law Society of NSW Mock Trial Competition Finalists



Debating is one of the many areas of extra-curricular life at Sylvania High School that gives our students the opportunity to improve their communication and teamwork skills.

The debating competitions allow students from Years 7 and 8, Years 9 and 10 and Year 11 to develop their skills of persuasion, engagement, and explore current world issues as part of their arguments whilst competing against other schools.

Sylvania High School enters the following competitions:

  • The Premier’s Debating Challenge
  • Sutherland Shire Schools Debating Competition
The Entertainment Crew is a diverse group that covers a wide range of Entertainment crew occupational areas including audio, costume, customer service, front of house, lighting, make-up, props, scenic art, sets, staging, technical operations and vision systems. Students are able to experience roles that are current practice in the professional entertainment industry, and will attain an insight into potential future career paths. The Tech Crew meet each week to discuss future events at SHS. Events include SHS Musical Productions, Showcases, Achievement Assemblies and Workshops. Each year the Entertainment Crew go through training and learn about new work areas of stage management and production.
Entertainment Crew stage management and production roles include: 
• Stage Crew – props and rolling stage management 
• Bump in / out – band setup / staging requirements of a general nature, signage etc. 
• Audio – gain an understanding of communications maintenance and distribution 
• Ushering 
• Foyer entertainment set up – bump in and out 
• Sound or lighting set up and operation 
• Filming and computer operations 
• Cast movement coordination 
• Staging elements 
• General duties as required ​