Anti-bullying Policy

Every person at Sylvania High School has the right to learn within a safe, happy, fair and supportive environment.  They also have the right to experience positive and respectful relationships between all members of the school community.  Bullying behaviour is not acceptable at Sylvania High School.

What is bullying?

Bullying can be defined in the following ways:

  • a repetitive attack causing distress not only at the time of the attack, but also by the threat of future attacks
  • an imbalance of power
  • verbal – name calling, put-downs, threatening (harassment)
  • physical – hitting, tripping, poking, punching, kicking, throwing objects, stealing
  • social – ignoring, hiding, ostracising
  • psychological – stalking, dirty looks, spreading rumours, hiding and/or damaging possessions (Mind Matters – National Mental Health Strategy 2002)
  • Harassment by electronic means

Why have this policy?

At Sylvania High School we recognise that bullying:

  • devalues, isolates and frightens
  • affects an individual’s ability to achieve
  • has long term effects on those engaging in bullying behaviour, those who are the subject of bullying behaviour and the onlookers or bystanders

We believe that teachers, students, parents, caregivers and members of the wider school community have a responsibility to work together to address bullying with a structured approach to sustain a safe environment at Sylvania High School.

Antibullying Resources for student and parent download:

Download “Antibullying_flowchart_target.pdf” Antibullyign-flowchart_target.pdf – Downloaded 521 times – 123 KB

Download “Antibullying-flowchart_offender.pdf” Antibullying-flowchart_offender.pdf – Downloaded 488 times – 121 KB

Download “SHS_Anti-Bullying_brochure.png” SHS_Anti-Bullying_brochure.png – Downloaded 543 times – 260 KB