How to get to Sylvania High School

Getting to Sylvania High School is easy no matter where you live. The school is well serviced by both State and Trans dev bus routes that transport students directly to the school and link to the City Rail timetable.  On turning 16 years of age students using a youth opal card (which gives concession fares) are required by Transport NSW to carry a senior secondary student concession card at all times when travelling on public transport. These cards are available from reception.

Download detailed transport information below.

2021 Bus Routes School Bus Information Guide Transport Code of Conduct Safe School Travel Fact Sheet Safe School Travel Poster

Getting to Sylvania High School – Student Stories

Below are two stories shared by our current Year 7 students about how they get to school each day.

Keyhan – Year 7

Every day I catch the bus to school and I’m writing this to inform you about the wonders of catching the bus!

One day I was casually walking towards my bus stop when I saw my bus zoom past me! Thankfully, it stopped at my bus stop and I ran as fast as I could there and just made it.

When catching the bus this sort of thing is expected. Sometimes you might even miss the bus! But don’t worry because buses come to your local bus stop every 10-15 minutes.

Buses are such a safe and convenient way of travelling to school. It also saves my parents time and energy having to drive me.

Murat – Year 7

I usually walk to the bus stop at 7.50am. The bus then comes in only 3 minutes! Can you believe that I barely ever have to wait for the bus? Now if you are thinking why you should take the bus well buckle up cause this ride is about to be crazy.

First of all my parents don’t have to wake up tired after a long day of work. My parents for example work very long shifts and me taking the bus just helps them out a lot.

Now my second point is the bus gets you to school a billion times quicker. The bus only takes 10 minutes and without traffic it only takes 5 minutes!

For me the bus allows me to talk to my friends or take a nap on the way home, or even finish off homework and saves the trouble of my parents taking me to school and trying to park.

So wake up, get ready and buckle up because the bus ride to high school is going to be an adventure!

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Sylvania High School is approximately 22km south of Sydney, Australia. Situated in a suburb of the same name, in the Sutherland Shire, it is only a short distance from the Georges River, Sylvania Waters and the beaches of Cronulla.










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