F1 2014


5 December 2014


Sylvania High School represented at the State Finals of the F1 in Schools Competition.
For the second year in a row Team Lightning Strike has made it to the state finals of the F1 in Schools competition. The team this year consisted of M.Charleston, T. Millar, E. Volas, A. Oluk and T. Charleston. The team is required to design a miniature F1 car using a 3D modelling program and then machine the car on a CNC mill. They also have to produce a design folio which documents such areas as team identity, industry collaboration and marketing. During the two day event the team has to maintain a pit display as well as race their car and take part in a number of verbal presentations.
The team was very competitive over the two days and greatly enjoyed the experience of representing the school at such a high level. In the reaction racing event the team took out the fastest reaction time due to the lightning fast fingers of Matthew Charleston. The team’s involvement in this event is another example of the project based learning to which the school is committed. The majority of the team’s work took place outside of class time but gave them a chance to integrate cross curriculum skills and knowledge into a project.
Next year we are looking for any students of Sylvania High who would be interested in participating in the program. Also any parents who would like to give assistance to a possible team with industry collaboration, mentoring or sponsorship please feel free to contact the school. At this stage we have a retired engineer who has offered his help in mentoring a team with invaluable engineering advice.