Great News At Y12 Graduation


20 September 2013





Sylvania High School is known for its outstanding Y12 graduation ceremonies and today was no different. In a ceremony tinged with humour, emotion and fun, the school farewelled its graduating class of 2013, attended by a huge audience of family, friends, alumni and staff. The highlight of today’s ceremony was the closing musical number which saw the entire year of 105 take to the dance floor to perform the ‘Nutbush’, backed by our very talented singers and musicians. It was a fitting and dignified conclusion to yet another successful senior year.

Additionally, our congratulations to the following students who have been nominated for Dance Callback or Music Encore:T. Aiken, H. Green, M. Reilly, P.Psaradellis, J.Regan, Y. Morris & C. Sweet

Pictured are the senior leadership team for 2014 who were invested at the ceremony:

Captains -A. Lie, J. Redston, Vice Captains – T. Hamam, S. Christie, Senior Leaders- M. Josh, P. Tsathas, P. Charleston