A Must View for Y12 Families


3 September 2013



As Y12 apporach the end of their schooling with the HSC looming in October, many of our students will embark for locations both within and outside of Australia to celebrate. This video examines the life of Nicole Fitzsimons who lost her life while holidaying in Thailand in October 2012. Her sister, Kate, who is dedicated to bringing more Aussie tourists home safely will be delivering a voluntary presentation to our senior school students. She has thoroughly researched and prepared an eye-opening Travel Safety Presentation that will be extremely valuable to our students before they embark on their Schoolies holiday and overseas trips after finishing school. We will host this presentation on Thursday the 12th of September during period 2 in the library. We respectfully request that attending students make a gold coin donation to the foundation so that it can continue its important work to keep young Australians safe.