Acrobat Trio Wins Silver & Bronze!


18 July 2013




T. Veney of Year 10 and her partners, Natalie and Emily, have performed exceptionally well to win the Silver Medal at the State Acrobats Championships at Sydney Olympic Park. The girls have trained continuously for 12 hours a week and have jumped 2 Levels since 2012, competing as a Level 8 Trio. The girls were placed 3rd in their Balance Routine and  2nd in their Dynamic and Combined Routines with an overall result of the Silver Medal. The trio qualified for the National Team and competed on the 9th and 10th of July at the Australian Championships at Sydney Olympic Park. In an outstanding performance, the girls came 3rd winning the Bronze Medal. Our congratulations to all of the girls on another fantastic result and we look forward to their performance  in the National Clubs Championships which will be held in Perth in October.