Our Achievements 2013


26 February 2011


HSC Results

In 2013 Year 12 achieved excellent HSC results. Around 16% of the cohort had one or more band 6 results and approximately 5% of ATARs were reported at 90 or more. The highest ATAR was achieved by the school’s dux, Mr T. Hausman at 97.15. We had further success with Ms M Petricevic being recognised for being an All Round Achiever  by scoring band 6 in all subjects studied. Congratulations to the Year of 2013!













Mr T. Hausman, Sylvania High School Dux, 2013 (ATAR 97.15).




Ms M. Petricevic, Sylvania High School All Round Achiever, 2013 (scored band 6 in all HSC subjects)

List of Band 6 results by subject

English Advanced: x 2

General Mathematics: x 1

English Extension 2: X 2

Mathematics Extension 2: x 3

Mathematics Extension 1: X 1

Mathematics: x 2


Business Studies: x 4

Dance: x 1


Hospitality: x 1


Chemistry: x 1

Modern History: X 2

Ancient History: X 2

Industrial Technology: 0


Music 1: x 1

Visual Art: x 2


Community & Family Studies: X 3

Legal Studies: X 2



Board of Studies Honour List:

Callback – HSC Dance – 1 student

Art Rules – HSC Visual Arts – 1 student

Intech – HSC Industrial Technology- 1 student

Numeracy and Literacy

NAPLAN results in Years 7 & 9, showed clearly that our students continue to be above the state average in the two highest bands with very few students in the two lowest bands.

For NAPLAN results see the “My School” website. This will give you a snapshot of our results for 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012. (When viewing these results please keep them in the context of a single test. Educational outcomes at all schools should be judged on multiple indicators.