Coffee makes the world go round


18 November 2010


Coffee_3169Recently our Year 10 Work Education Class went to the Coffee School in the city to complete a Barista Course. On our arrival to the Coffee School we met our instructor Sam who would teach us about making Coffee. Sam talked us through all the safety rules and showed us how to use the machine responsibly and how to make the best coffee.

A DVD was shown about what coffee we would make and how to make them. Then it was our turn. We made a variety of coffees e.g.Coffee_3164Espresso, Latte, Flat White, Hot Chocolate etc.. After two hours of making coffee we were all hyped up and full of coffee and hot chocolate. We then learnt how to clean the machine to ensure a good cup every time. Once the cleaning was over and a quick quiz was completed, we went back into town for a well deserved lunch. We all had a great time at the Coffee School, learnt some valuable skills, received accreditation as a Barista and would recommend the course to other students to help develop their employability skills.

By Mitchell and Hannah