Harajuku Comes to Sylvania High!


6 September 2010


{gallery}news/hj/1:150:100:1:0{/gallery}The fun loving LOTE staff, in the guise of Ms Dawson and Ms Flevaris continue to engage our students in a range of zany and exciting learning opportunities. First it was the Pokemon competition and now it’s Harajuku!. Students emulated the fashion that our students heading to Japan this September just might witness in downtown Tokyo.


{gallery}news/hj/2:150:100:1:0{/gallery}And that’s not the end of the excitement!. This July there are special activities for Bastille Day, in August we host students from Hitachanaka Junior City High and in 2011 the LOTE students are bound for New Caledonia. Stay tuned! There’s sure to be more surprises in store for student learning coming from the LOTE Faculty in the near future.